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Research Papers on The Deerslayer

Research papers on James Fenimore Cooper's The Deerslayer are custom written at Paper Masters for students in literature courses. Our writers help students understand difficult texts by providing a perfect sample of how an American Literature paper should be written. Get help today on literature research from the experts at Paper Masters.

A few facts on Cooper's The Deerslayer:

  • The Deerslayer is a novel written in 1841 by James Fenimore Cooper.
  • The book features Cooper's long-time protagonist Leatherstockings, also known as Natty Bumppo.
  • The setting of the novel is Otsego Lake in what is now New York.
  • The Deerslayer is actually the first book chronologically in the Leatherstockings Tales series.
The Deerslayer


Cooper's novel introduces the Deerslayer as a young frontiersman, a white man that was raised by Delaware Indians and Moravian Christians. Natty Bumppo meets the novel's antagonists, Henry March and Floating Tom Hutter on the way to meet his friend Chingachgook. The book then follows many twists and turns as different characters are captured, rescued, and scalped by Huron Indians. The mysterious past of Tom Hutter is revealed, and his daughter Judith proposes to the Deerslayer, who refuses.

James Fenimore Cooper’s works have long been studied and evaluated, and The Deerslayer is no exception. Contemporary critic Mark Twain said that the book committed several literary offenses against the rules of fiction. Carl Van Doren, on the other hand, praises the book for being a romance while also being grounded in realism.

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