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Research Papers on Data Redundancy

Research papers on data redundancy once were quite common at Paper Masters. Now data redundancy is an automatic inclusion into any businesses IT solutions. Get a custom written research paper on the latest information regarding data redundancy and learn how every business student needs to be aware of this important part of Data Processing.

In order to protect all the time and effort that goes into gathering, storing, and merging large amount of information that goes into producing a finished document, data should always be stored in another way besides solely on the Personal Computer (PC) it was created. This is called data redundancy. Request for proposal documents are critical to some business operations and must be stored on multi-media devices. In order to protect one’s file they should be stored on multiple devices such to be kept safe, such as:

  • External drives
  • Burned onto CDs
  • Backed up to corporate servers
Data Redundancy

Data Redundancy and Corporate Servers

In order to prevent the occurrence of a single point of failure, the option of giving two or more people access to the files should be investigated.

Not having to worry about the problems of individual computers is one good reason to store files to a corporate server, and another reason is that it allows multiple people to access the data, providing that they have the proper authorization.

For those who create files to be stored on corporate servers, this option is the least preferable. Few authors want to store documents on a shared drive because others may gain access to the data. Authors feel that creating a back up file on the server will result in their losing control of their file and for that reason are leery of using a back up server. Importantly, while anyone may be allowed to review, change, or add to the file, the author always has control of the file as only he or she can authorize the modifications.

Data Redundancy and Backup

Having to rebuild the RFP file proved to be an invaluable lesson and the file will now be distributed 6 weeks later than originally planned. Even though everybody eventually learns the hard way how vital it is to make a back up at least once per day of all work to a reliable source, such as a server, CD, or external drive, most of the time this is a task sorely neglected.

Technical support never determined what had actually happened with the RFP document stored on the PC internal hard drive. To date what contributed to the problem remains an unknown.

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