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Research Papers on Darwin's The Descent of Man

Research papers on Darwin's book The Descent of Man can focus on several aspects of Darwin's work through examination of his ideas and thoughts. Paper Masters will custom write research on Darwinism using any of his many works, especially The Descent of Man.

In the paragraph quoted from Charles Darwin’s The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex, Darwin presents the theory that regardless of how far man has come, or how far, still, man aims to go, man will always be reminded, through his physiology, of where he has come from.

The Descent of Man

To paraphrase, Charles Darwin is saying in The Descent of Man that, because man clearly stands at the top of the food chain, it is only natural for him to feel a sense of innate superiority to all other life on the planet. Darwin's The Descent of ManWhat’s further, the fact that man has achieved his standing gradually, over time, gives man reason to believe that he has the potential to continue that advancement to even greater heights at some point in the future.  But, Darwin's The Descent of Man says, even with all of this, and even taking into account all the many noble qualities that man possesses:

  • Man's ability to show sympathy
  • Man's kindness, not only to his own species but toward all living things
  • Man's considerable intellect, which has taken lengthy strides in unlocking the secrets of the solar system

Even with all of these things – man cannot deny his physiology, a physiology which Darwin describes as bearing “the indelible stamp of his lowly origin”.  Basically, Darwin is saying in The Descent of Man, when it comes right down to it, physically, man is not that far removed from the ape or many other of his animal ancestors.

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