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Research Papers on Daniel Goleman

Research papers can be written on Daniel Goleman or written on Goleman's theory of emotional intelligence. Either way, Paper Masters will custom write research on the theory or Goleman that is targeted at whatever course material you need the theory of emotional intelligences to apply to.

According to Daniel Goleman (1995), emotional intelligence is rooted in social intelligence.  This concept incorporates skills of social development that aim to “raise the level of social and emotional competence.”  Embracing the philosophy of emotional intelligence is the educational environment, specifically on the preschool and elementary levels.  In fact Goleman (1995), goes on to assess that emotional intelligence, includes skills that help people harmonize, which should become “increasingly valued as a workplace asset in the years to come”.  This brings emotional intelligence to the forefront in learning proper emotional exchange from the onset of educational instruction.

Daniel Goleman

Goleman and Emotional Intelligence

Although emotions play a significant part in one’s expression of communal life, scientists have long ignored the role they may play in personal success.  Goleman tracks the scientific understanding of the abstract of emotion and attaches a measure of intelligence to it.  Goleman’s premise for his book is to argue that the revered IQ is a genetic given that cannot be changed and its importance to human intelligence is narrowly defined but has presented a large influence on society’s destiny.  Emotions have been shortchanged in the importance that they can provide to one’s overall intelligent quotient

Goleman's Components of Emotional Intelligence

There are several components of emotional intelligence that embody the following aspect of one’s personality:

  1. The ability to accurately assess and express emotion
  2. Generate emotions from an assessment of emotion
  3. Understand emotions that are generated
  4. Regulate and promote emotional response and growth. 

Within the component of personal competencies are three elements that define individual capabilities.  These elements are self-awareness, managing emotions and motivation.  Self-awareness is the understanding of one’s internal states, preferences, resources, and intuitions.  This involves knowing how you behave, how others perceive you, and responding to these perceptions in a manner sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others.  Managing emotions involves the ability to adjust to the emotions experienced in an acceptable fashion and to keep the emotions of others in perspective.  Motivation is the ability to channel these emotions in a positive format that can facilitate achievement of certain goals and persist in the face of failure.

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