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Daisy Miller

Daisy Miller, written by Henry James, is the story of a young American living in high-society Europe. The novella was published in the June and July edition of the magazine Cornhill. The story became an instant success.

The story begins with Winterbourne, a young American, meeting Daily Miller. Daisy, also an American, is traveling around Europe with her mother and brother. Daisy MillerDaisy does not act like the European women and comes across as being uncivilized and vulgar. Winterbourne is intrigued by this girl who is so different from the European girls he is usually around and begins spending time with her.

Daisy moves to Rome and Winterbourne goes to Rome and hopes to run into Daisy there. Daisy has taken up with the wrong crowd and is dating a man name Mr. Giovanelli. The relationship does not fit within Rome’s societal norms. Daisy’s strange relationship with Mr. Giovanelli tarnishes her reputation and Winterbourne tries to warn her, but she does not want to listen.

One evening, Winterbourne walks through the Coliseum and he sees Daisy and Mr. Giovanelli. He warns Mr. Giovanelli that he needs to get Daisy home because of the “Roman Fever.” A few days after this encounter, Daisy becomes very ill. She gives her mother a message that she wants her to pass on to Winterbourne. The message is simply that she cared about what he thought about her. Then Daisy dies. Winterbourne does not understand the message immediately but eventually he realizes that he cared for Daisy and can not stop thinking about her.

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