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Curriculum Development

This is a topic suggestion on Curriculum Development from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Curriculum DevelopmentA research paper on Curriculum Development may begin: Before students even enter a classroom, the instructor needs to design curriculum to complete the foundational work of education: curriculum development. This is often done in collaboration with numerous other educational professionals, including other teachers, administrators, and researchers. The curriculum is the skeleton that holds up the lessons in the classroom; it is the map by which students navigate their educational travels. The teaching curriculum outlines the materials, the benchmarks, overall classroom management and the assessments used each and every day in the classroom, and as such, needs to be developed in a highly-structured way using educational philosophy.

The Process of Developing Curriculum

First, for this type of research paper the goals of the curriculum need to be established; this part of the process is most often done with the insight of other professionals and extensive outside research before the development of educational strategies. Once the broad-based goals are established, the objectives are then created. These are much more specific, and provide detailed measurements of what students will be able to do after successfully completing the curriculum. These objectives then lend themselves to instructional strategies. This element often results in the greatest freedom for instructors, as they can use a wide variety of pedagogical strategies to help students meet the predefined objectives and goals. Assessments follow these strategies, designed to measure the various components outlined in the aforementioned objectives with a goal of improving the outcome of education.

Curriculum and Instructional Changes

One way to develop curriculum is through instructional changes. Although instructional changes are not viewed as the central means to bring about curriculum development for more sensitive cultural education, there are a host of instructional methods that have been employed to advance development. For example:

Each method however is focused on raising student awareness of how social variables can impact understanding and decision making. This focus enables students to garner a more integral conception of various social perspectives.

Teaching curriculumWhile these are the most basic elements of curriculum design, there are other factors to consider as you compose your research paper. Most importantly is that curricula need to be reviewed regularly to ensure their continued connection to the desired outcomes of the school, its over arching mission statement, and the needs of students. Additionally, some elements of the curriculum, such as the instructional strategies, need to be flexible. Oftentimes, circumstances beyond one person’s control can occur, such as illness or inclement weather. If, for example, a field trip to a local historical site was part of the desired instructional strategies for teachers, but the site was somehow damaged or closed, the instructor would need to develop an alternative form of instruction to enhance student learning. This flexibility is not only suggested, it is necessary. When each of these elements is considered, and each of the aforementioned steps followed, curriculum development will be at its smoothest and students will receive the highest-quality education available.

The importance of curriculum development cannot be overstated. Curriculum development helps teachers establish standards and outline areas of special need and attention within curricular areas within national education standards. The impact on administrators, teachers and students results in dynamic educational development that is clearly mapped out to meet standards and guidelines not only of the state, but of individual school districts. Remembering that contemporary American education is not simply about the student absorbing knowledge but rather the administration designing a plan to educate citizens can make curriculum development the most important process in the educational setting.

The process of curriculum development also depends upon the clear configuration of standards and expectations. Goals activities and milestones are clearly outlined to all within the educational process and a sense of structure and accomplishments is also evident. The benefit of clear goals to students rests in giving them an understanding of what is to be accomplished and assures them that if these goals are met, their education will be a success. Without this direction, students often wallow in uncertainty and do not see the point of their efforts. Therefore, curriculum development must be done with the student in mind.

A valuable aspect of curriculum development is preparing the student for life beyond academia. The community and society can benefit from a well-thought-out curriculum that includes meeting the challenges of teaching students to be responsible citizens. By developing a consensus on what social issues to include in a curriculum, the challenge of creating responsible citizens is met and value is given back to the community as a whole.

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