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Current Foster Care Systems

It will consist of 18 (20 max.)pages addressing a need (problem) in my major (psychology) identified by the learner (I have provided this for you in the information below). You will utilize information that is publicly available to define the focus of the paper. Also identify an organization (in this case, the Department of Human Services) that will benefit from the solution that you will develop (again I will provide the solutions).

Include in the Current Foster Care Systems Research Paper:

  • Background information - including literature search, using at least 10 different references cited in A.P.A. style.
  • Investigate the background of the need, using current references, within 7 years.
Current Foster Care Systems

Foster Care Paper Guidelines

Guidelines for using source – Document everything but common knowledge and writer’s own thoughts.

  • Do NOT take the following from a source:
  • Introductory remarks
  • Thesis statement
  • Topic sentences of each paragraph
  • Transitions or bridges
  • Comments or opinions
  • Conclusion


  • Use only if language is distinctive, idea is hard to paraphrase, or authority of source in important.
  • Use quotes in no more than a quarter of the paper.
  • Quote accurately
  • Enclose four lines or fewer in quotation marks; indent longer quotes and omit quotation marks. Follow immediately with a citation.


  • Say what the source says but not more.
  • Emphasize what source emphasizes.
  • Expect material to be as long or longer than source.
  • Indicate beginning of paraphrase by mention source first. End with a citation.


  • Condense source without losing the essence of the message.
  • Keep it short.

Proposal of two solutions – after analyzing the information you have collected, propose the solutions, and identify one in a separate section of the paper.

Evaluation of the solutions and recommendation with a rationale for that choice – Decide which one best addresses your problem. Give a detailed rationale for this choice.

Purpose of Foster Care Research Paper

The purpose of this paper is to prove that we can use theory and research data to form a solution to a problem in the area of psychology. American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children would be a good source of information.
We have to prove to faculty that we are able to interpret psychological theory utilizing scientific methodology in order to apply knowledge to describe, analyze, predict, and shape human behavior.


  • Introduction – 1 page
  • Background - including problem, definitions, and statistics – 4.5 pages
  • Support, theory – B.F. Skinner; research date, solution one, solution two – 8 pages
  • Recommendation - 3.5 pages
  • Closing - 1 page
  • Or similar to this depending on the research you find. The majority of content should be in the background info, and support parts.

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