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Cultural Literacy

Cultural literacy is the information that is required to carry on intelligent, relevant conversation with the people you interact with on a daily basis. The more culturally literate a person is, the more people they are able to interact with on a regular basis. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Cultural Literacy that follows your guidelines.

Cultural literacy is also the ability to understand the nuances of a language including figurative language. Figurative langue includes the understanding and use of metaphors, idioms, and illusions. In order to be culturally literate, people must understand the meaning and use of slang terminology. The use of slang terms varies from region to region. Slang terminology can also vary between socioeconomic groups and age groups.

Cultural Literacy

The Culturally Literate

A person who is culturally literate is someone who has the knowledge to talk about culturally relevant issues such as:

  • Cultural literacy in art
  • The expression of cultural literacy in written word or language
  • Knowledge of politics
  • An understanding of science
  • Knowing how culture relates to history

To be culturally literate means to be familiar with a topic. It does not mean that a person must be an expert on every subject. People who are culturally literate read for the dual purpose of pleasure and to learn. They are then able to integrate what they know into their conversations and interaction with others.

Culturally literate people are also able to understand historical references that relate to the culture and place where they live. For example, someone who lives in the United States should know the impact of the Civil Rights Movement on the current American culture.

Cultural Literacy and Signs

Cultural literacy also includes the ability to understand signs. A person who is culturally literate is able to recognize, read, and understand signs in their environment. Most importantly is the ability to recognize street signs or directional signs.

E.D. Hirsch wrote a book entitled Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know. In his book he outlines the importance of cultural literacy and lists characteristics of a culturally literate individual.

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