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Crime Victims Rights

The subject of crime victims’ rights in term papers is not a new issue for American society.  For more than two decades, crmie victims’ rights term papers have lobbied for the institution of legislature that will work to guarantee the victims of crime the rights they deserve under the law.  While there are currently several state laws that address victims’ rights, the movement continues to further advance not only the legislature, but also the support services, financial compensation and judicial participation of crime victims throughout the country.

Crime Victims Rights

The are several crime victims’ rights organizations in the United States with alliances and chapters scattered throughout the country.  While many of these organizations deal with specific types of criminal victimization, their concerted effort to put victims’ rights in the forefront of social and political awareness has had a marked influence on much of the federal and state legislation that exists today.

The crime victim’s right to protection figures largely in the mission of many victims’ rights organizations as well as in the proposed Constitutional Amendment.  According to the National Crime Victim Center’s Sourcebook, the intimidation of crime victims and their witnesses as increased dramatically in recent years.  In recognition of this behavior, victims’ rights advocates and lawmakers are pushing for changes in how judicial processes are conducted. Although more than half of the nation’s states provide some degree of protection from an offender during judicial processes, there are currently only eight states that guarantee the victim’s protection under state constitution.

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