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Creative Learning

Creative learning has a number of different theorists who seek to define the elusive nature of human creativity and its impact on education. Since play appears to be a universal trait in both humans and animals, its component in learning has been explored. Piaget, for example, developed his theories of cognitive development through the interaction of skill acquisition and play. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Creative Learning that follows your guidelines.

Creative Learning

Creative Learning and Problem Solving Skills

Play provides early opportunities for humans to employ their creativity and imagination, often involving problem-solving skills. Individuals deemed creative frequently list imaginative play as source of creativity. Cognitive development can therefore be strengthened through the application of creative play in the learning environment.

Creativity has been defined as the combination of novel, original work and its appropriate channeling towards a need. Since nothing arises in a vacuum, creative learning seeks to employ the impulse towards originality in order to enhance problem solving, divergent thinking and redefinition.

Strategies for Enhancing Creativity

Strategies for enhancing creativity in the classroom include:

  • Encouraging mental flexibility
  • Offer choices
  • Allow students to explore the environment in order to stimulate their cognitive development

When creativity is enhanced, learning can take place in a more favorable atmosphere.

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