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Creationism Research Paper Topics

Creationism in America exists in response to Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Those who believed in creation, either as strict creationists or progressive creationists, realized the need to defend their ideology and compete on the level of the scientific world in order to legitimize the teachings in Genesis. Before Darwin, no concrete scientific theory of the origin of the universe had caught the attention of the entire world and received endorsement from the scientific community, as well as many religious leaders.  

The creationists refer to the theory that the universe and all life forms came into existence by the direct creative acts of a Creator external to and independent of the natural universe - the world had one great catastrophic flood which accounted for mass death, destruction, and extinction.  Darwin believed that the environment was slowly changing and as a species modified to this change it eventually became a new species - the alternative was extinction.  The action of natural selection, operating over a long period of time, would cause a species to become better adapted to its environment and hence change. Some of these variations increase an individual's chance of survival and hence leave more offspring. Since their offspring inherit their parents' features, they too have an increased chance of survival.  

Religious sects across the globe have always asserted the Genesis Creation Myth.  However, creationism is a reactionary movement that has swung with the pendulum of conservatism since Darwin.  Basically a fundamentalist teaching, creationism enjoyed exclusive teachings in the schools and textbooks until the 1960's. Religion and spirituality has always been a form of society since the first recordings of man's existence. The handful of scientists that affirm creationism either were creationists who became scientists for credentials or they believe a modified version of the six days of creation.

Creationism Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Apostle Paul - Paul has been referred to as one of the greatest influences on the Christian church after the death of Jesus.

Creation in Buddhism - In the religious practice of Buddhism, creation is dramatically different than in other common belief systems.

Creation in Confucianism - Confucianism is a moral and social framework developed by the Chinese philosopher and government official, Confucius.

Creation Myths - Thus, despite dramatic differences in cultures, common elements are often at the heart of various cultures’ creation stories.

Creation in the Shinto Religion - The Japanese religion of Shintoism supports a creation story that revolves around the activities of the kami.

Creationists - Creationist research papers may examine recent trends in creationism ideology.

Genesis Creation Myth - Research papers on the Genesis Creation Myth discuss the two main genesis creation myths.

Intelligent Design - Intelligent Design essays look into the explaination that certain aspects of the universe cannot be explained through natural selection, but point instead to the existence of a higher intelligence (God).

Scientific Creationism - Scientific creationism seeks to use scientific evidence to prove that the universe was created suddenly, and not too long ago.