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Research Papers on Creation in Buddhism

How do you start a Creation in Buddhism research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

In the religious practice of Buddhism, creation is dramatically different than in other common belief systems. While Christians, Muslims, and Jews believe in a Creation story, that life is created by one omnipotent God, Buddhists believe that creation is a cyclical process, and that all things are created from the destruction of others. Buddhists believe in a series of cycles, in the following order:

  1. The Buddhist creation cycle begins with land forming on the surface of water. Creation in BuddhismThe scientific explanation for this creation process is akin to the Big Bang Theory.
  2. Gradually, all living things develop into other living things
  3. The death and destruction of one leads to reincarnation as another form.
  4. Eventually, all living things will be returned to the purest form, that of the soul, and wait for the cycle of creation to begin once again.

Creation in Buddhism and God

It is important to note that it is this lack of ability to create life that separates Buddha from other deities. As God, Yahweh, and Allah are all able to create life, Buddha is not, as it is a natural process that the universe follows without any intervention by man or other being. Most Buddhists accept the notion of evolution, seeing the very principles of this scientific theory embodied in their religion’s perspective of the continual evolution and reincarnation of various individuals and species. Further, many Buddhists will accept scientific explanations for processes over the various creation myths associated with their religion, representing their connection to logic and order; it is this willingness to accept alternate explanations that makes many believe that Buddhism is one of the most logical belief systems in the world.

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