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Research Papers on Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture

Research papers on creating a healthy corporate culture can examine an example of a healthy corporate culture or an unhealthy corporate culture. Paper Masters writers will custom write your corporate culture research paper any way you like.

A few ideas on topics for creating a healthy corporate culture MBA project are as follows:

  • Compare an unhealthy corporate culture to a healthy one.
  • Explicate why companies end up with a healthy corporate culture
  • What are the necessary elements for a healthy corporate culture?
  • What psychological factors make up a healthy organization?

While Enron Corporation captured the lion's share of headlines earlier this year, WorldCom was right behind it. The company admitted it had played games with its money, costing the company, its investors, its employees, and others almost $4 billion. One of its greatest ethical violations was allowing salesmen in the company to register a sale numerous times, which enabled the company to report ever-increasing revenues. Those were phantom revenues, however; they simply did not exist. Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture

Xerox Business Culture

Xerox Corporation also admitted to less-than-ethical practices by paying off government officials over a number of years, as well as other major improprieties. Once tasting greed, even a noted company such as Xerox fell prey to unethical business practices.

For a possible solution to the current problems facing America's corporate giants, perhaps a glimpse at a smaller, less-visible operation is in order. The potential road to ethical business practices can be found in the real estate industry.

Healthy Corporate Culture

One Chicago-based real estate company owner said that if he had just spent thousands of dollars to bring his smoke alarms in apartment buildings up to code and then the city made standards even higher, he would comply, even though additional thousands of dollars would have to be spent. Why? Because, he said, if the new standards are not met, and there is a fire, the resultant lawsuit could be disastrous.

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