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Country history involves an incredible amount of information. Sometimes students can be overwhelmed with so much information that they cannot whittle it down to a concise topic for a research paper. Paper Masters offers many country history topics to choose from in order to help students get started with a research paper. Topics ranging from Afghanistan to Tunisia, Paper Masters helps write great college research papers in world history.

Country Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Afghanistan - Afghanistan’s History Research Paper delves into the different people that made up Afghanistan over the years.

Asia - Asia research papers examine one of the seven continents that has the largest population.

Australia - The urbanization of Australia and the Agriculture of Australia are important aspects of Australian history.

Africa - African history research illustrates that Africa is considered a failed continent for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because many African countries have histories of colonization and have been unable to independently establish themselves as major players in world politics or the global economy.

Bosnia - Bosnia research papers can be approached from a political, historical or geographical standpoint.

Canada - Research papers on Canada discuss the differed and shared views of the country's neighbor, the United States.

Central America - Research papers on Central America examine the diverse array of countries that make up this continent.

China - China research papers report that China has been a major force in world history.

Cuba - Country Report on Cuba Research Paper discusses a preview of a paper order placed on Cuba with specific topics that must be discussed.

Czechoslovakia - Czechoslovakia research papers discuss the history of Czechoslovakia and its division into two smaller independent countries, the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, in 1992.

Cyprus - Cyprus Research Paper looks at one of the oldest countries in the world.

Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic Research Papers goes into the history of this country, the geography, and the economy.

Egypt - A Country with a complex history, both ancient and modern.

Europe - Europe research papers examine the geographical perceptions that contributed to the misleading notion of Europe as a simply-defined geographical unit and discuss the more accurately diverse and fragmented community and history of Europe.

France - Research paper topics on France and the French role in World History.

Germany - Germany research papers discuss the role of the country in world wars and political events.

Great Britain - Great Britain Research Papers discuss the history of Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

Greece/Greek History - Geography had profound impacts on Greek History. Learn more about the Greeks and their colorful history.

Haiti - Research papers on Haiti discuss the numerous economic and political changes that have occurred in Haiti since World War II.

Hungarian Freedom Fighters - Research papers on Hungarian Freedom Fighters look at the group of students that took to the streets in Budapest using loudspeakers from vans to garner public support against the oppressive policies of the government in Hungary.

India - India Research Papers focus on a number of the countries most interesting features and discusses the history of the country.

Iran - Iran research papers examine the second largest Nation in the Middle East; home to a significant amount of the world’s oil.

Ireland - Irish History and their turbulent past.

Italy - Italy research papers examine the culture and history of Italy.

Jamaica History - The history of Jamaica is violent and bloody, and not in the romantic buccaneer tradition. Slavery and revolt, racial struggle and economic disaster have left a legacy that Jamaicans must still cope with.

Japan - History of Japan is overviewed with a focus on Singapore and its government.

Lebanon - Research papers on Lebanon discuss a country in the Middle East that is an ancient land full of history and heartbreak.

Poland - A research paper on Poland discuss the rich history of the European country.

Mexico - Mexico research papers examine the fifth largest nation in the Americas, with a population of over 113 million.

Middle East - The Long and Rich Middle Eastern History makes for great research paper topics ideas from Paper Masters.

Nicaragua- Nicaragua Research Paper discusses the political history in this country.

Nigeria - Research papers on Nigeria look into the developing nation with both a large population and a significant economy, and with the world’s 20th largest economy.

Portugal - Portugal Research Paper delves into the roots of this country, and its expansion.

Roman Republic - This is a research paper on the Roman Republic.

Russia - Russia research discloses the role of the country in World History.

Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia Research Paper discusses the traditions and cultures of this country.

Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone Research Paper looks at this country in Africa and its physical characteristics.

Solomon Islands - Solomon Islands Research Paper looks at an example of an order placed for a report on the region of the Solomon Islands.

South African History - South African History Research Paper goes into the development of this region, and important events.

South Korea - South Korea Term Paper looks at an example of a paper about the role that the United States had in developing South Korea’s economics and national stability.

Spain - Spain research papers focus on the geography and people of Spain.

Tunisia - Discusses the riots and protests, and what caused them, in Tunisia.

Western Europe - Western Europe essays examine this geographical and a political designation.