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Convivio Research Papers

Convivio research papers are literature based and discuss the work by Dante. Get help with any work by Dante and have Paper Masters custom write your research paper on world literature.

Convivio (“The Banquet”) is one of the last major works written by Italian Renaissance poet Dante Alighieri, written between 1307 and 1307 but left unfinished. The structure of the book consists of the four trattati (“books”), a preface and three longer sections that each contains a canzone, which is a long lyrical poem.

The Convivio has been called a sort of encyclopedia of the early Italian Renaissance, as it contains Dante’s thoughts on numerous areas including:

ConvivioDante’s use of the vernacular Italian, rather than Latin, was again revolutionary at the time, and helped to create the modern Italian language.

Convivio and Dante

The prefatory section explains why Dante is writing such a work, why it is needed, and a defense of why he wrote in Italian, rather than Latin. Books two and three are thematically similar, detailing Dante’s new love after the death of his beloved Beatrice, his love for Lady Philosophy as he calls her. From there, Dante explores such topics as astronomy, and the immortality of the soul. Book four, the longest section, discusses the nature of nobility, opening with the famous canzone Le dolci rime d’amor (“Those sweet poems of love”). The last half of the final book discusses Dante’s definition of true nobility, and how it manifests differently at different stages in one’s life.

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