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Continental Army Research Papers

If you need a research paper topic on an aspect of the Revolutionary War, Paper Masters suggests the interesting history of the Continental Army. Better yet, have Paper Masters custom write your research paper on the Continental Army or any U.S. History topic.

The Continental Army is the name given to the American armed forces in the Revolutionary War. Created by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1775, the professional army was intended to coordinate the various colonial militias and present a force equal to the British army. George Washington was the commander of the Continental Army throughout its existence.

Continental Army

Facts - Continental Army:

  • Men from all 13 colonies (13 states after 1776) were utilized
  • The Continental Army sought to unify militias
  • There were four major generals and eight brigadier generals
  • George Washington was the Head of the Continental Army
  • Washington organized the army into three divisions, six brigades and thirty-eight regiments

The Continental Army was a racially integrated fighting force, a situation that would not occur again until President Truman integrated the armed forces after World War II. Its early difficulties were greatly helped with the arrival of Baron von Steuben, who trained the men towards a professional level. However, by 1781 and 1782 the Continental Army was at its ebb point, plagued by poor supplies, a lack of pay (Congress was bankrupt) and shrinking enlistments. Augmented by French troops, the Continental Army was able to rebound and trap the British at Yorktown. In 1783, the Continental Army was disbanded with the Treaty of Paris, replaced by the United States Army.

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