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Contemporary Problems and Moral Theory

This is a topic suggestion on Contemporary Problems and Moral Theory from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

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Focus of a Reflective Paper on Contemporary Problem and Moral Theory

Much of the work that is done on moral questions and moral theory in college may seem very abstract to the average student. This is necessary when you are looking for the broadest understanding possible, but it also allows a certain casualness to work its way into the practice. "The Nazis were bad and it's good to be good to others" seems true, but all of this should lead us to put our money where our mouths are at some point. Thus, theory and explanation are the first steps we take as moral thinkers, and then we need to put our studies into practice. When writing a research paper on contemporary problems and moral theory, write about a real Contemporary Problem where you see the status quo as lined up against something that is just or in favor of something that is unjust. Examples of this include:

  1. The ability of gays to marry
  2. Racial profiling by the police
  3. Religion in Schools by way of prayers or the Pledge of AllianceContemporary Problems and Moral Theory

Moral Theory and Injustice

Make a case for what you think would be just and argue for measures that should be taken to counteract that injustice. The stronger your measures, the greater your need to justify such measures. You must write in a careful, theoretical way. If you can make this assignment about your own experience or community, then all the better, but you must support your arguments. Be sure to use at least 8-10 outside sources in the construction of your argument.

Contemporary Problems in our Country

In our country today a cry has gone out for higher ethical and moral standards.  Corruption is rampant, tolerance is high, and we seem to live in a society where “anything goes.”  First Amendment rights have given us the ability to say what we want, print what we want, wear what we want and so forth, or risk being persecuted for practicing an –ism (such as racism or sexism) or prosecuted for violating Constitutional Rights.  It seems that our society has turned into a winner-take-all proposition and whatever means required to get ahead are acceptable.

Although one person cannot control or change the way another person acts or responds to an ethical crisis of conscious, an individual can develop a plan of action for himself or herself which they feel comfortable with and which fits with the world around them.  As one author notes, “Whenever we make choices about anything, we are making moral or ethical decision without being aware of it.  We choose to do something because it is right or wrong, good or bad, fitting or not fitting.  These are ethical or moral choices which reflect our values and priorities”.  With this being the case, the issue now becomes a matter of values and priorities.

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