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Contemporary Culture

Choose at least two “texts” from contemporary culture:

  1. Films
  2. Television shows
  3. 2-4 music videos
  4. Advertisements

In Contemporary Culture Research Paper discuss how these texts are a product of our culture’s views concerning American identity. Make sure that these texts are related in theme. If you’d like you may expand upon the ideas you discussed in your second essay (second essay was on the film American Beauty).

Contemporary Culture

For example, if you are interested in advertisements, you may want to discuss whether or not the images in a selection of 2-4 car commercials as a reflection of American desires to rise above and standout. You may also want to think about a theme /scope, for instance, the American Dream and gangster movies, such as The Godfather, Once Upon A Time in America, and Goodfellas.

In addition to your primary text:

  1. You should include at least three secondary sources that directly or indirectly address the texts.
  2. The secondary sources should not consist of critical reviews or plot summaries.

Be sure to make a specific claim about how the primary texts explore gender and what insights the texts provide in understanding the culture in which they were created.

Things to Consider when writing Contemporary Culture Research Paper:

  1. An interesting title that immediately engages the reader
  2. An introductory paragraph that has an attention-grabbing hook and provides the necessary background and context for the essay.
  3. A specific thesis that makes a claim about relevant themes explored in the course
  4. A clear beginning, middle, and end; well-organized, focused paragraphs
  5. Strong details from primary text(s) (if applicable) and secondary sources as well as thorough analysis
  6. A total minimum of four direct quotes from the primary source or sources (option one does not apply)
  7. A minimum of one direct quote from each secondary source
  8. Quotes should be properly incorporated according to MLA guidelines
  9. Works Cited Page

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