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Contemporary American Education

Contemporary American Education research papers take a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how Paper Masters lays out an assignment like that.

Contemporary issues in American Education is a broad topic that is thoroughly discussed in nearly every education major's curriculum. Since education has changed drastically within the last 50 years, colleges and universities feel it is imperative that tomorrow's teachers understand what constitutes the educational system in American today. Typical topics explored by education majors in a Contemporary American Education class are:

Contemporary American EducationTeaching and technology is a topic that has blossomed within the last 20 years, most prolifically, since the introduction of the internet into the classroom. Technology topics that relate to education include the utilization of multimedia in the classroom, the internet as a resource for information and cyber schooling.

Student learning assessment is obviously very important—how else will we know if our methods of teaching are effective? Standardized tests, skills tests, placement tests—these are in place by state and federal government to ensure students are learning. However, an important measure of success in school is—Is the student enthusiastic? Do they enjoy school? While not easily measured, fostering a lifelong love of learning in general is perhaps the most important lesson an excellent teacher can impart to his or her students. These students will possibly take that curiosity and enjoyment of learning and apply it to all areas of their lives. Perhaps one day it will be these students who will go beyond what is conventionally accepted and make contributions in the arts, sciences, medicine, etc.

Goals of Contemporary Education in America


Education is, indeed, a unique field. The interplay of government, industry, and social services creates a complex network of interrelationships within education. This, in turn, influences the people within this industry through the variety of perspectives, pressures, demands, and legitimate social concerns that weigh on them daily.

Whereas business has straightforward goals such as business growth and industry growth, education’s objective is human in nature, involving the development of children’s minds. Even medicine is not faced with such an elusive goal. Although medicine, by approaching the maintenance and repair of the extremely intricate human body, is certainly a diverse and complex field, the body by nature is not as elusive as the human mind.

The goal of education is to offer opportunities to every member of society. In theory, at least, education is the great equalizer. Students who might have economic or social disadvantages can at least minimize these differences through education. Education will give them the freedom to gain economic stability, security, and respect. This benefits the individual, as they can gain a measure of success and self-respect, and also the greater good, as this person will be paying taxes to support further educational efforts and will not be a burden to society.

In a more humanitarian vein, every child has potential, and every child is capable of finding success in school. It is the teacher’s role to find this potential and then nurture it to promote maximum growth. Without education, the potential in these children may be lost forever. This is certainly true for those children whose family lives are not optimal. These children need the comfort and security of school and the motivation and belief in oneself that a good teacher can provide. Otherwise, what will become of them? Who will be there to help them if not a teacher, when parents are either unwilling or unable? Except for family, no other institution is as influential as school, especially in elementary school. The younger the child, the greater the impact on emotional growth and development. School helps to shape lasting impressions in the early stages of childhood that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Examples of Topics in Contemporary American Education

  1. Traditionally, teachers were expected to lecture students and inundate them with information. To create a brain-compatible learning classroom, instructors must move away these traditional methods and develop skills as facilitators, coaches, mediators, and active listeners. Choose two of these skill areas and explain how you have implemented them in the classroom; and, how student learning has changed as a result.
  2. In your view what are the most significant contributions your subject area of expertise makes to your school mission? (Why? How?) How can the use of innovative teaching methods within your classroom add to these contributions?

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