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The Consumption of Products for the Purpose of Gaining Social Status

Does this The Consumption of Products for the Purpose of Gaining Social Status assignment look familiar? Many professors assign topics just like this and our writer’s custom write each one.

A research paper on the consumption of products for the pupose of gaining social status needs to look at a wide variety of consumer consumption habits. Paper Masters suggests 2 sections to the body of the paper, the first section focuses on the above mentioned topic.

Key words are:The Consumption of Products for the Purpose of Gaining Social Status

  1. Status consumption
  2. Conspicuous consumption
  3. Brand image
  4. Prestige brands
  5. Name brands
  6. Designer brands
  7. Consumption of luxury goods /brands in order to enhance how others view you, etc.

The purpose is to review the literature and research that has been done in support of this phenomenon in The Consumption of Products for the Purpose of Gaining Social Status. Of particular interest would be non-wealthy individuals who engage in this type of consumption, but it could include wealthy too, or just focus on people across various income levels in general. For this paper whenever possible, focus on clothing and accessories mainly, but other product categories are relevant as well, or if its just discussed in general without certain products specified.

Good Sources - Gaining Social Status

  1. The Journal of Consumer Behavior
  2. European Journal of Marketing
  3. Psychology and Marketing
  4. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
  5. Journal of Product and Brand Management
  6. Psychology and Sociology books /journals may be fruitful as well.

The second section should address women’s purses/handbags and how these have come to represent status. Possible things to talk about would be the designer purse/handbag market and the recent growth it has experienced. Also a review the history of purses/handbags and how they have evolved to status symbols today.

Key words - Gaining Social Status

  1. Designer purses
  2. Designer handbags as status symbols.

If you’d like to relate any brands or companies and their growth /popularity, please use any of the following:

  1. Coach
  2. Dooney & Burke
  3. Louis Vuitton
  4. Prada
  5. Gucci
  6. The most important ones would be Coach, D&B, Louis Vuitton.

For the first section, academic journals /periodicals, books are the preferred sources. For the second section, in addition to the above mentioned sources, trade publications, magazines and newspapers sources are ok too. Try to keep it to the types of sources that college students have available to them, through online databases, and in /through undergraduate college libraries.

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