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Consumerism is an ideology that focuses on the social and economic impact of the increased procurement of material goods or services. The concept of consumerism arose during the industrial revolution, as goods and services became commodified and mass produced. This allowed more people to access material goods they otherwise would not have had access to. It was created an economic paradigm based on consumer demand. ConsumerismThe consumer demand increases and the so does the production.

The acquisition of material goods has become an integrated and arguably obsessive component of modern American culture and society. Advertising and marketing companies capitalize on consumerism and drive the obsession. The tactics used by advertising and marketing companies target almost every aspect of American culture and society, using packaging, billboards, commercials, and more to convince consumers that they need the product being sold. Additional proponents contribute to this cyclical process by promoting products through social media. There is a phenomenon of YouTubers and Instagrammers who showcase products weekly and/or monthly that feed into the consumeristic drive to acquire more.

Consumerism shifts the focus and creates a dynamic that blurs the line of what is needed versus what is wanted. This ideology has convinced millions that they truly need the things that are categorized only as wants.

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