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Consumer Advertising on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Paper Masters can help you write a thesis level or Undergraduate level study on consumer advertising and any industry you need. A common assignment on Consumer Advertising on the Pharmaceutical Industry is as follows:

There are certain, basic thesis sections that MUST be included in any proposal. The eight sections that should be included in your project on consumer advertising on the pharmaceutical industry are:

In this section, you should introduce the subject area and the problem you hope to solve. A number of questions can help you create this section.

  1. What led to this study on the pharmaceutical industry?
  2. Why is it important that this issue be addressed?
  3. Will solving this problem prove beneficial to someone? In this section, you do not need to formally define the problem, but a general discussion can help focus the readers' attention to what is coming.
    1. Background of the problem
    2. Rationale for doing the study

Pharmaceutical Industry Paper Problem Statement

Problem Statement
You should formally, concisely, and clearly state the problem to be solved at the beginning of this section.

  1. This formal statement should be prominently displayed.
  2. You should follow the formal statement with a general discussion of the problem where you present more detail about various aspects of the problem.
  3. The objective of this discussion is to ensure that the reader understands the problem.
  4. Remember, the overall purpose of this section is to state and explain what it is you are hoping to achieve by performing the study.
    1. Formal statement of the problem
    2. Discussion of the problem

Research Objectives

  1. While the defined problem essentially becomes the overall goal of the entire research project, the research objectives provide specific guidance about how to actually achieve the goal. Thus, the research objectives are specific action statements which will lead to completion of the project.
    1. Formal statement of the research objectives
    2. Discussion of the objectives

Literature Review

  1. Survey of the relevant literature
  2. Relationship of major literature sources

5) Research Design – In this section of the proposal, you are to clearly present the research approach you intend to take to collect the data needed to address the problem defined in the problem statement.

  1. You should discuss the proposed research methodology by identifying and explaining the approach you intend to use to address each of your research objectives.
    1. Survey Study
    2. Observation Study
    3. Secondary data use

Pharmaceutical Industry Sampling Plan

Sampling Plan

  1. In most cases, some form of sampling is employed to obtain the necessary data.
  2. What characteristics do you know about the population? What sampling technique is appropriate?
  3. How large should the sample be?
  4. How should you select sample items?
  5. What specific approach do you propose to actually collect the data?
  6. This is an important section!
    a) Target Population
    b) Sample size and structure
    c) Selection of sampling units
    d) Fieldwork design

Data Collecting and Analysis

  1. How do you plan to handle data after you receive it?
  2. How will you reduce sampling error? How will you reduce other forms of bias?
  3. How should the data be summarized to facilitate statistical analysis?
  4. What statistical approach is appropriate?
    1. Editing and coding data
    2. Plan of analysis

Budget and Time schedule

  1. Time line for each phase
  2. Cost of conducting the study
  3. References

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