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Research Papers on the Congress of Vienna in 1815

Research papers on the Congress of Vienna in 1815 discuss the issues that were arising during the French Revolution. If you need assistance with writing a research paper on the Congress of Vienna, have Paper Masters custom write one for you.

Following Napoleon’s defeat in 1814, the major European powers met in Vienna from September 1814 to June 1815 in order to settle numerous issues that had arisen on the Continent as a result of the French Revolution and rise of Bonaparte. The Congress of Vienna essentially established a balance of power in Europe, redrawing the map and attempting to establish peace after decades of war.

The “Four Great Powers” had been part of the coalition that defeated Napoleon in 1814, negotiating the return of the Bourbon dynasty to the throne of France. The major players at the Congress of Vienna were:

The French foreign minister, Talleyrand, managed to make himself indispensable in negotiations.

The Congress of Vienna

The most important topic under discussion was the Polish-Saxon Crisis. Russia wanted all of Poland, and Prussia all of Saxony, in compensation for the fight against Napoleon. Talleyrand was instrumental in crafting a compromise under which the Russian tsar ruled an “independent” Poland, and Prussia gained 40% of Saxony, shifting the major power significantly to the west.

The final treaty, signed mere days before the Battle of Waterloo, not only included the previous territorial compromise, but also created a new German federation, Russia kept Finland, Swiss neutrality was guaranteed, as well as numerous other territorial shifts around the globe.

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