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Research Papers on Confucius

Paper Masters custom writes research papers on Confucius, the famous teacher and philosopher from China. To learn all you need to know about writing on Confucius, have Paper Masters write you a model research paper that discusses his life, his influence in China and the importance of his followers today.

For the past 2,500 years, followers of Confucius have reverently referred to him as “First Teacher.” He was not really the first teacher of philosophy in China, but he is still considered the greatest ever. Born around 551 BC, Confucius lost his father at age 3, and his mother – with no money or other resources – had to let her son take on menial tasks to keep body and soul together. This horrible poverty was perhaps the greatest influence on the shaping of his philosophy, which later stressed the dignity of the “common man”.

Confucius and Politics

Confucius actually wanted to be a politician, not a philosopher. After holding several low-level posts, he turned to tutoring and discovered his true calling. ConfuciusAt age 50, he began the “long trek”, in which he wandered without set destination from one Chinese state to another, giving local rulers advice on how to improve their governing and also trying to have the masses accept his philosophy. Though he never realized much success in either politics or in spreading his teachings during his lifetime, Confucius nonetheless attracted a small number of disciples. In time, he became a “one-man university”, instructing people In many areas of China on everything from philosophy to mathematics, music, and even sports. Ironically, Confucius was offered a public office in Lu, his boyhood state. This he refused, spending the final five years of his life teaching and editing his works of philosophy. He died in 479 BC, at age 72.

Confucius and People

Though a serious teacher, Confucius also loved a good time, eating and drinking with friends and strangers alike. His popularity may have been due to the following:

  • Confucius embraced the common people, who loved him in return.
  • His philosophy was centered around fair treatment for everyone, regardless of rank or wealth status.
  • He also spoke the Golden Rule more than 500 years before Jesus, saying, “What you do not wish done to yourself, do not do to others”.

Little wonder he remains revered in China and still has so many millions of followers.

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