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Research Papers on the Concrete Operational Stage

Research papers on the concrete operational stage overview Piaget's theory of the stages of child development. Paper Masters custom writes research projects on the developmental stages of children. Since they are custom written, you can focus on any aspect of the concrete operational stage or Piaget's other developmental stages.

Children in the Concrete Operational Stage are beginning to use logic and reasoning in their thinking processes. According to Piaget, children who are in this stage usually range in age from seven to eleven. The actual age may vary slightly. In this stage, children have reached a mature age where they are able to reason and use logic. Their thinking is still based on concrete events, ideas, or objects. Children in this stage have more rational thought processes and are able to apply that rationality to concrete situations. Children who are in the Concrete Operational Stage are not ready to think in a more abstract manner. Concrete Operational Stage

Concrete Operational Stage

There are several important steps in this developmental stage. These milestones include:

  1. Conservation
  2. Decentering
  3. Reversibility
  4. Serriation
  5. Transivity
  6. Classification
  7. Elimination of egocentrism
  8. Development of logic

Children’s progress can be tested in several ways. Another very important step in the process is that children begin to identify the point of view of others. Piaget found during his studies that children in this stage of development were able to perform inductive reasoning tasks. Children in this stage are usually able to translate a specific experience in their life into a more general concept or idea. They are able to make inferences and draw conclusions based on their own life experiences. Children in this developmental stage; however, struggle with deductive reasoning. Piaget came up with several tests that are used to determine a child’s developmental state.

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