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Research Papers on Conception

A research paper on conception can approach the topic from a number of angles. Strictly biologically is one way to write on conception. Conception can also be looked at from an ethical standpoint. Which ever angle you need to write on conception, Paper Masters can provide a custom research paper on one of life's most amazing scientific occurrences.

Conception is discussed in many different contexts. The following illustrate this:

  1. Conception is also known as fertilization
  2. Conception is the fusion of egg and sperm cells in the initiation of a new organism.
  3. Conception generally refers to human reproduction, as fertilization is generally used in plants and lower animals.
  4. Biologically speaking, conception refers to the formation of a viable zygote from the egg and sperm joining together.

In the United States, there is continued and lengthy controversy in the political and religious spheres regarding the status of a human life at the moment of conception. ConceptionMost of this debate revolves around the legal and ethical issues surrounding abortion, the termination of a pregnancy.


In the United States, religious conservatives hold to the notion that human life begins at the moment of conception, and equate abortion to a form of murder, since the procedure, under this definition, ends a human life. Other groups and individuals maintain that viable life emerges later in the developmental process.

Human egg cells travel from the fallopian tubes waiting for a single sperm cell. Of the millions potentially introduced, only one will fertilize the egg. The chromosomes of the individual are set at the moment of conception, as all egg cells carry X chromosomes, while the sperm is either an X or Y chromosome. XY combinations result in boys; XX combination result in girls.

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