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Common Core Standards for Math

Common Core Standards for for Math is one of many research paper topics that Paper Masters provides. Use this topic suggestion as a guide on how to write a paper or order your own custom research paper.

While a student’s ability in mathematics ranges dramatically from state to state, in spite of national education standards and state standards, throughout a student’s educational growth, there are a series of core standards that can be found in nearly all programs at specific grade levels. Most educational philosophies stress that in the earliest levels of their development, students should learn the basic foundations of mathematics, including the identification of numbers, counting, and basic operations such as addition and subtraction. This research paper can describe the specifics of what students should be able to achieve at the end of a given school year vary dramatically, but according to the Common Core Standards Organization, common benchmarks place identification and counting at the kindergarten level and addition or subtraction at the first and second grade levels, depending on the complexity of the problems.

Common Core Standards for Math

Education Progression and Core Standards for Math

As students progress throughout their education, they are exposed to different elements of the mathematics core curriculum, including geometry, algebra, and higher-level math skills. By third grade, students should be exposed to a variety of geometric shapes and concepts; by sixth grade, students should have basic exposure to some of the more simplistic elements of statistics and probability. As students progress in the American education system, they reach the high school level, different paths are often identified for different students. Some are channeled into more business-related math, as this is the career path they have identified for themselves, while some are geared into the higher-order mathematics lessons, like trigonometry and calculus, as this prepares them for the requirements that their goals of higher education will entail.

Base Line For Common Core Standards For Math

Common Core Curriculum Standards for Mathematics are important in establishing a base line of skills and concepts for math functioning. This topic alone would make an interesting research paper. Students that wish to move on in mathematics course work are held to standards that include possessing the ability to:

  • Apply critical thinking skills associated with mathematical knowledge

  • Balance conceptual understanding

  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively

  • Model with Mathematics

  • Use Tools strategically

  • Make use of structure

  • Express regularity in reasoning

For many years, nations across the world have stressed the importance of common core curriculum. These nations assert that what and how students are taught determine the future of a nation’s success within that discipline.

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