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Research Papers on The Comedy of Errors

Many research papers write that William Shakespeare often incorporates mistaken identity or deception into his plays. Shakespeare research notes, for example, that in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo takes his life because he believes his beloved Juliet dead. Similar misunderstandings or cases of mistaken identities occur in many Shakespearian comedies as well. Your research paper could point out that In A Midsummer Night’s Dream for instance, the young lover’s are tricked by Puck but all is revealed in the end so that all ends well. The same could also be said of William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. As in many of Shakespeare’s other plays, mistaken identity and misunderstanding forms the backdrop upon which the play is set. However, the play departs from Shakespeare’s other work through one important difference. All of the serendipitous events, misunderstandings, and cases of mistaken identity in The Comedy of Errors occur without the aid of human influence so that the human characters within the play are left at the mercy of chance to seek their fortunes or misfortunes as the case may warrant. Furthermore, though chance provides much of the play’s impetus, chance occurrences are shrouded in supernatural elements in the play

The Comedy of Errors

Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors

In a research paper about The Comedy of Errors, you will want to point out that William Shakespeare presents his readers with an uncommon world view. The research paper should focus on the following to make this evident: While characters in many of Shakespeare’s plays must contend with circumstances and forces outside their personal control, Shakespeare usually incorporates human deceit into this process so that characters are not left to the whims of fate but rather to the mercies of jealousy and deceit. The Comedy of Errors, however, paints a different portrait of human existence in which human lives are ruled by the following:

  1. Fate
  2. The Mythological Past
  3. The Supernatural Present

Despite the daunting prospect of these elements, characters can hope, at least within the realm of Shakespeare’s comedies that love and happiness will prevail over disaster.

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