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Classical Idealism

The term idealism has its roots in the Greek language. The word Idealism means, “to see”. Idealists tend to see the world as it should be, and not the presents state. Any thought that gives importance to the spirit or conscience over the physical world is considered idealism. According to idealism, what is perceived in the physical world is not real, but instead it all comes from the human mind. Some idealist concepts have transferred over into the art world. The concepts of perfection and use of the imagination are idealist concepts and should be discussed in a research paper.

Classical Idealism and Monistic Idealism

Classical idealism, also referred to as monistic idealism, theorizes that matter does not exist. Instead, conscience is all that exists. Anaxagoras (400 BC) taught that everything came to being through “Mind.” The “Mind” is what holds everything together. It is through the “Mind” that humanity is connected to divinity. Classical Idealism

Several religions have classical idealist philosophies that are apart of their belief system, including some Protestants. The main Christian theologies that include aspects of idealism as their basic tenants are:

Idealist religion: Christian Science

Idealist religions such as Christian Science go so far as to teach that the only thing in existence is God and his thoughts. They believe that the known world is only a distortion of God’s thoughts.

Wang Yangming stated that reasoned is given by the mind, and the mind shapes the world around humanity. Some Buddhists and Hindus also include forms of idealism in their teachings.

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