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Research Papers on Class

Research papers on class discuss the social class system that applies to anthropology, history, sociology or various other courses that examine culture in relation to social stratification theory. Have Paper Masters explicate all the relative theories behind the notion of "class" in a research paper that is custom written just for you.

In many countries, where centuries upon centuries of history have firmly established a social class system, lineage was very important. Certain families were considered high class, others proletarian and peasants. In America we have a very short history, which does not include an aristocracy, and while our social class system does resemble that of other countries it is also very distinctive. Class revolves around the following factors:

  • Materialistic means, such as money and possessions
  • Status, such as occupation and position
  • Status by birthright

Most often class seems to be discussed in reference with income. While family connections can help ensure higher class status by birth, it is not the only way in the United States. The American Dream is a commonly accepted belief that through hard work and initiative people can achieve a higher station. This is a double edged sword in that, while it provides for the possibility of upward mobility, it fails to take into account the following:

  1. External forces that influence a person’s potential
  2. The possibility that high class living can mean different things for different people 
Class Research Papers

Class and Effort

The United States social class system awards initiative and effort. It is assumed that if someone wants something badly enough, they will work until they can get it. Unfortunately, the reality of that ideal is not as clear cut as the theory. It stands to reason that between two persons, equal in ability and drive, the one with the greatest access to resources will be the most successful. In fact, even a person with less ability and drive could succeed if they were handed the right resources. People who are in the lower classes do not always have access to education and funds that could make a difference, while higher class persons sometimes have access to an overabundance that ends up being wasted. This is not an efficient system. While there is no simple alternative, there are ways that the middle and lower classes can cope.  

The Lower Classes

Lower classes can take advantage of government programs that offer them assistance to seek out a better life. I am not referencing long-term assistance such as welfare, although welfare can appropriately be a temporary means for people on a path to somewhere else. There are grants and loan programs to obtain an education for oneself or children; there are assistance programs that support families with issues like childcare, housing and healthy eating. However, these programs will only exist in a government that continues to respect the rights and needs of lower and middle class families. Therefore, another tactic that low and middle class families have to take is to actively participate in government. This means staying informed, voting and perhaps even volunteering for appropriate causes. It is also important for individuals who have found their way up the path to remember the help that they received and continue to support these programs and policies. Then we can create a more efficient class system that more evenly distributes resources and allows us all to make use of everyone’s diverse abilities and initiative.

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