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Class Struggle

Perhaps one of the biggest problems today is classism. Things are moving towards a system in which those with economic power will have access to education, health insurance, and a great quality of life. People lacking economic resources will have very little opportunities to advance. Class StruggleAs such, they will be compelled to work multiple jobs, often hourly jobs lacking benefits.

There are wealthy people aware of the problems of not having to pay enough taxes relative to their financial success. It is true that by a percentage of income, many people within the lower middle class pay more in taxes than the upper class. This occurs because people in the upper classes often have access to passive income, the sort of income one does not personally have to work at to acquire. Most working people have active income, which occurs while trading time for money.

More Americans are starting to realize the difficulties of moving from one social class to another. Many people are considering returning to school for continued education. Pursuing a career as opposed to just having a job will be one way in which people may ascend social classes. Overall, it is important that people recognize their friends may be in different social classes. The means to contribute significantly to the economy occurs when one has capital. As such, it seems like the class struggle will continue for those at the bottom economically. People at the top will continue to flourish.

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