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The Cinema Research Papers

If it is the purpose of your research paper to discuss the history and development of the motion picture industry or the cinema, its present state, and the direction in which it may be headed, then our writers can assist you.

Our writers can focus on any aspect of the Cinema you need. The following are a few topics that may be covered:

  1. Discuss the origins of film and the Cinema
  2. Overview the way in which the Cinema has developed
  3. Explore different genres which have arisen over time, including comedy and drama
  4. Present the various uses of the genre in cinema
  5. The role which technology has come to play in film making
  6. The possible direction which technology may take in the future to advance cinematic featuresThe Cinema

Present day motion pictures make vast use of technology. The modern motion picture cameras are technical marvels as are also the sound systems employed. Computerized imagery is becoming ever more ubiquitous in films and this technology, which is only just beginning to make its influence felt, will probably have a great deal to do with how the cinema will evolve in the future. But though the films of yesteryear look quaint and primitive to modern eyes, it should be realized that motion pictures have always been technically miraculous in the eyes of contemporaries. This was so from the beginning. Photography itself was invented in 1835. The technology that made a “moving picture” possible, celluloid-roll film, was invented by George Eastman in 1888, although, before that, primitive “pictures in motion” had been made by means of consecutive exposures of people in motion. The latter, however, unlike frames on a celluloid roll, would not have blended well with the projector technology that stemmed from the old “magic lanterns” and which was being developed in the last half of the 19th century.

Early films were “silent” and visually limited. To say that they were “black and white” is to understate the case somewhat. An author notes that the black and white film used until the 1920s was orthochromatic, sensitive to ultraviolet, violet, and blue light, less sensitive to green and yellow, and totally “blind” to red light; this meant that the colors of what was being photographed had to be carefully controlled; actresses could not, for example, use red lipstick. Color was rarely totally absent from so-called “black and white” films. Various means were made to apply some coloration to movies well before the invention in 1915 of a film using an actual color-sensitive emulsion. Techniques called “tinting,” “toning,” and “mordanting” were used to give color to movies although these tended to be rather primitive and wholesale, often giving a hue to the entire frame. A modern viewer of David Wark Griffith’s Birth of a Nation will notice a constant shifting of color—particularly in interior scenes—where some scenes have a reddish hue, others a bluish hue.

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