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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Papers

Research papers on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome look at the condition from the medical health perspective and examine the unique factors that make this condition on the rise today. Students can get help writing a research paper on CFS from Paper Masters, the only custom writing company in the United States.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the popular name for a series of debilitating conditions that affect adults and children. CFS is characterized by a persistent fatigue that last six months or more in adults, and three months in children, that is not due to physical exertion or another underlying medical condition.

Chronic Fatigue SyndromeWhile there is no common accepted definition of chronic fatigue syndrome, the major symptoms include:

Other symptoms may include increased sensitivity to light, cognitive difficulties, digestive disturbances, or painful and swollen lymph nodes.

Chronic fatigue syndrome may have a sudden onset of flu-like symptoms, and is usually diagnosed after six or more months with at least four accepted symptoms. The ability of a person to function with chronic fatigue syndrome varies among individuals, but it can severely affect an individual’s ability to work or attend school and other normal lifestyle activities.

Treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome can be difficult. Cognitive behavioral therapy and exercise have had mixed results, and medications have also proved ineffective. Many people never fully recover from a chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis even with treatment. According to the CDC, as many as one million Americans may suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

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