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Research Papers Using the Chronic Care Model

Research papers using the Chronic Care Model in nursing illustrate that there is a viable model of care that can be implemented in order for a patient to live successfully with a chronic disease. Paper Masters will custom write a research paper based upon the chronic care model for any nursing student.

The chronic care model is an organizational framework designed to improve the care for individuals with chronic conditions, one that incorporates the patient, the provider, and various system interventions. Nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses have been identified as the best health care providers to intervene with the chronic care model, as evidence-based practice is the foundation for effectiveness.

Chronic Care Model

Chronic Care Model and Chronic Diseases

A list of common chronic diseases includes diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, sleep apnea, and multiple sclerosis. Individuals must understand their disease in order to live successfully and fully with their chronic condition. Almost half of all Americans are described as living with at least one chronic condition, with projected increases each year. Half of all patients diagnosed with a chronic disease also have comorbidity with other diseases, requiring the need for an advanced practice model that corrects deficiencies in disease management.

The chronic care model, visually, resembles a large balloon. Inside the balloon, the community and health systems come together, incorporating the following elements of a chronic care model:

  1. Self-management support
  2. Clinical information systems and delivery systems
  3. Outputting as a productive interactions between an informed, activated patient and a prepared, proactive practice team

The end result is ideally improved outcomes for the patient.

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