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Christian Science

One of the newer religions to emerge is Christian Science. Popular with the Hollywood crowd, Christian Science has great potential as a topic for a religion research paper. Below are a few facts about Christian Science. You can have Paper Masters write a custom research paper on Christian Science or Scientology.

Christian Science is a religious branch that believes in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. There major tenants are:

  • Christian Scientists believe that everything material is an illusion
  • Christian Scientists endorse the idea that the only thing that is real is the spiritual realm.
  • Christian Scientists believe illness and death are both illusions and can be prevented or healed through the use of special prayers.
  • Christian Scientists do not petition God for healing or for a miracle, but instead they believe they can cause the healing using their minds.

Christian Scientists believe they are part of mainstream Christianity, however many consider Christian Science as a cult movement.

History of Christian Science

Christian Science

Mary Baker Eddy, a puritan, founded Christian Science. She was a sickly child. According to Mary Baker Eddy she suffered a severe fall that was not getting better after three days. She read the story of two of Jesus’ healings in the Bible and afterward she was totally healed. Mary also used her ability to heal others. She is known for establishing a Christian Science college, being a public speaker, and an author. She also founded the newspaper, The Christian Monitor.

Between the 1880s – 1980s, Christian Science followers took a stand against traditional medical treatment and vaccinations. This refusal to use modern medicine led to many deaths. Some parents were tried and convicted in manslaughter cases for allowing their children to die without medical treatment.

Christian Scientists Today

Christian Scientists have Sunday morning gatherings and Wednesday night meetings. At the Wednesday night meetings, members share stories of their healing. The church does not employ clergy, and does not perform baptisms, funerals, or marriages.

Today it is believed that the church has about 400,000 members in over 130 countries. There have been some very famous Christian Scientist members over the course of recent history. Several famous people were raised as Christian Scientists. These people include Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Fonda, and Audrey Hepburn.

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