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Christian Economics

The concept of Christian Economics is a complex one, given that different theological interpretations result in different economic perspectives. Some Christians turn to the books if Isaiah, Acts, and Ephesians and support the concept of private property; they believe that each individual is left to their own devices to succeed or fail. Others look at the book of Acts and see support for a socialist economic structure, with each person taking care of his fellow man in their time of need.

Christian Economics

Generally speaking, Biblical evidence is more in support of an individual’s rights to private property than anything else. While a core tenet of Christianity is the idea that individuals should help one another and provide aid whenever possible, the onus lies with the individual to decide when and if they are able to do so. The idea that an individual is required to support another is not as strongly supported with theological evidence. Those in support of a socialist economic structure suggest that this approach can remove the questionable emotions that can arise with the ownership of private property, including greed and envy.

However, the argument that the Bible supports the notion of hard work, beginning with Adam and Eve’s removal from Eden and being sentenced to a lifetime of hard work, carries far greater weight and has much more evidence to support it. Because of this, Christian economics generally hold the notion of private property and access to the free market in a much higher regard than anything else.

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