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China and the World Trade Organization Research Papers

China and the World Trade Organization research paper examine China's role within the WTO and how it became a member state. Our writers explore the political, historical and international ramifications of China's role in the international community.

China and the World Trade Organization research papers show that China is and has been seeking entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) for the past several years.  Although analysts report that negotiations on China’s entry into the organization are to be completed by the end of 2001, the United States and other member countries are continuing to block China’s entrance.  Although experts agree that China’s economic and political power would be an asset to the organization, the general belief is that China’s entry into the WTO is not of sufficient urgency to compromise on the final issues before the process is brought to a conclusion.

China and the World Trade OrganizationIt seems that when it comes to the issue of China’s entrance into the WTO, agriculture and insurance issues are the main problems that are holding up China’s entry into the WTO.  China is diligently fighting to resolve these issues as because China’s entry into the WTO signifies a world of change for the country. As one author notes, “After two decades of steady but halting reforms, Beijing is now racing to dismantle the last vestiges of a command economy”.  China has initiated sweeping reforms to gain entry into the WTO.  Among these are included:

  • Breaking up state monopolies in telecom and distribution;
  • Halting protections aimed at nurturing national champions in cars, electronics, and machinery;
  • Providing multinationals unprecedented market access. 

When it comes to the business, the Chinese government wants to keep control of only the biggest state enterprises and privatize the rest.  All of these changes would accelerate under the commitments that China made to the WTO.

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