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Research Papers on China and Human Rights Abuses

Research papers on China and human rights abuses illustrate the history of China and its violent past against members of its own society and others. Paper Masters can help you flush out the fact versus fiction regarding China and human rights abuses.

China engages in many human rights abuses, most of which are well documented.  The violations of human right include:

  • Repression of any religious group not sanctioned by the government
  • Continued subjugation and destruction of the Tibetan nation and culture
  • Suppression of political descent following Tiananmen Square
  • Many products made for export are being produced by prison labor. 

How China will change the thriving economy of Hong Kong with respect to political freedom is yet to be made clear. China and Human Rights Abuses

As with all the issues with the U.S. and China, there is the pressure to do nothing to upset the economic cart.  After all, in 1996 the U.S. sold over $14 billion of goods and services to China, supporting over 200,000 export related jobs and thousands of other port, service and transport related jobs in the U.S.  China is the sixth largest market for America’s agricultural good.  In many respects, much of the current farm crisis is attributed to the economic meltdown in Asia.  Consequently, it becomes important to preserve as much of that market as possible.  The human rights issue can be held hostage as the pressure to maintain the trading and economic relationships.

Membership in the World Trade Organization and Most Favored Nation status with the U.S., as with many of the issues related to China’s economy are attempts at “constructive engagement.”  That is, the assumption that if China is more fully integrated into the global, market-based economic and trading system, they will exercise restraint in technology transfers, human rights and foreign relations.

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