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Children's Health Insurance

Policy topic is Children's Healthcare Insurance specifically, The State Children's Health Insurance Program. This program is a federally funded extension of Medical heath aid for children. The paper must include the following headings and address the issues of:

 Children's Health Insurance

Goals of Children's Healthcare Insurance

1 - Assess the public sentiment towards the policy.
2 - Analyze the economic feasibility of the policy.
3 - How adequate is the funding and is it enough to meet the desired goals of the policy? What would be an acceptable funding level?
4 - Are there current efforts to increase or change the funding stream and what are the chances that such efforts would be successful?
5 - Analyze the administrative feasibility.
6 - How effective has the policy been in meeting its stated goals?
7 - What, if any are the administrative barriers to full policy implementation? Identify and explain any unintended consequences.
8 - How cost effective is the policy and what are the resources trade offs?
9 - What alternative policies or policy modifications might be more effective in reaching the policy goals?
10 - Provide a conclusion that includes recommendations based on your analysis.

The Impact of Children's Healthcare Insurance

Provide a detailed analysis involving the impact of this situation or issue has had on the organization and redesign it. Provide actual examples that support your observations as well as a minimum of eight scholarly sources that support your claims and the impact the issue has had on the organization. Within your solution include the projective goals of the company (from one to five year goals). You are not offering a solution to the problem, but rather redesigning the company. Within the research paper include the mission, vision, logo, definition of terms, identify the strengths and weakness of the organization.

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