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Children of Divorce

There are numerous reasons why marriages end. Often caught in the middle are children, for whom a parent’s divorce can be confusing, sad, and stressful. In North America, about half of all children will experience the divorce of their parents, with another half of that group experiencing a second divorce among a parent. Children of DivorceChildren of divorce are statistically more likely to require professional counseling, in order to help them cope.

It has been estimated that about 40% of children in America today are growing up in homes without a father. Children of divorce are more likely to experience adverse health effect, including emotional health. Even six years after the divorce of their parents, many children continue to report feeling lonely, unhappy, and insecure.

Parents can and must play a vital role in helping their children through the divorce process. Through the simple maintenance of routine, parents can demonstrate stability and structure. Further, by maintaining a healthy relationship with an ex-spouse, as opposed to acrimony, parents can help children of divorce avoid many stressors that come from witnessing fighting.

Children of divorce still need both parents. It is important for the separated parent to continue to be involved in their child’s life as much as possible. Parents may not be able to remain married, but they will always be parents.

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