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Childhood Anxiety Research Papers

Childhood anxiety research papers focus on the psychological disorder that affects children during their formative years. Paper Masters will custom write research on any childhood anxiety you need.

Anxiety can be both a normal part of growing up or a serious medical concern among children and adolescents. For example, most children experience separation anxiety between the ages of 18 months and three years, displaying anxiety or crying when a parent leaves the room or drops them off at daycare. This is a normal part of development and young children can usually be distracted from such feelings. Childhood Anxiety

Worry and Childhood Anxiety

Other children, however, have a tendency to worry excessively and some children develop various anxiety disorders, including:

PTSD usually occurs as the result of a direct experience with a traumatic event, including witnessing or being the victim of violence.

It has been estimated that as many as one in every eight children experience an anxiety disorder. These children, if left untreated, can suffer from poor school performance, a lack of social interaction, and have greater risks of substance abuse. Many of these anxiety disorders co-occur with other disorders, including depression, ADHD, or anorexia/bulimia.

Girls, especially teenage girls, are more likely than boys to develop some sort of anxiety or mood disorder. Some research has suggested that girls and boys process emotional stimuli in different ways, perhaps leading to the greater likelihood of susceptibility to an anxiety disorder.

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