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Research Papers on Chicano Literature

Chicano literature is an important part of Mexican-American history. This is, in part, because these writings gave a voice to a population that has long dealt with disparities much in the same way that other minorities have in the United States. Get help with any research project on literature that has its base in Mexican and Chicano works.

Chicano literature has also delved into the obstacles faced by those that identify as Chicano, despite some of the differences among this minority group itself. Chicano LiteratureOften more historical in nature, this form of literature covers some of the same themes with which this population struggles to this day. It includes the following themes:

  • Discrimination and disparity
  • Struggles with cultural identity
  • A desire to retain some sense of heritage even as assimilation is necessary to create a sense of identity in America as well.

The literature written from a Chicano perspective covers these themes through the lens of both fiction and non-fiction.

Combining Mexican and US History

They are important stories because of the way that they combine Mexican and American history, respectively. Part of what sets it apart is the fact that much of it is written in Spanglish, which is a combination of English and Spanish. It references cultural characteristics and has long been a way in which Chicano writers have represented themselves, their experiences and those of the larger culture. Chicano literature has long been an important part of the Mexican-American cultural landscape and provides a means of artist expression for this disparaged population.

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