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Chemical and Alcohol Substance Abuse

There are 9 essay questions. Identify and address/analyze the key concepts contained in the questions. Support your position with arguments and evidence. Include your own personal thoughts about the subject. Produce, organize and clearly express your ideas. Each essay question should be at least one page in length.Chemical and Alcohol Substance Abuse

Chemical and Alcohol Substance Abuse Research Paper:

  1. What has research told us about the interactions among alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine?
  2. Describe the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of caffeine.
  3. Describe the behavioral effects associated with marijuana use.

Psychology of Aging in Chemical and Alcohol Substance Abuse Research Paper:

  1. Describe Kohlberg's three levels of moral reasoning (Preconventional, Conventional, Post conventional) and give an example of each level.
  2. According to authors there are three different grandparenting roles (Formal role, Fun-seeking role, Distant-figure role). Give an example of how a grandparent from each style would interact with their grandchildren.
  3. Describe Holland's six personality types (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional) and how they affect career choice.

Group Psychotherapy for Chemical and Alcohol Substance Abuse Research Paper:

  1. Confidentiality is a central ethical issue in group counseling. Why is confidentiality so important? What are some of the specific issues about confidentiality that should be discussed in the early stages of a group? What are the exceptions to confidentiality? What should group members be told about these exceptions?
  2. In the transition stage of group development, the issue of resistance may arise. What is resistance and why does it occur at this point in the group process? How does resistance manifest during this stage? How can resistance be recognized and dealt with effectively by the group leader?
  3. In the working stage of a group, the emphasis is on cohesion and productivity. What is cohesion and how is it established? Several therapeutic factors have been identified that help members move from cohesion to productivity. Identify and describe these factors.

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