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Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship involves a whole host of activities and requires a level of commitment and dedication unlike any other business position. Research papers on Entrepreneurship defined it as the creation of new enterprise, and the entrepreneur is the one who creates that enterprise. Although most research papers show entrepreneurs create new businesses to generate an income, they may also create non-profit organizations as well.  The enterprise created by the entrepreneur is called a new venture during the process of creation. According to our term paper study, new ventures are classified as small businesses, and usually employ less than five hundred people although less than 100 people is a more realistic number. Entrepreneurs are a breed apart in that they must possess several personality characteristics that enable them to go out on a limb and risk failure. These personality traits allow entrepreneurs to go where others fear to tread. Characteristics of an EntrepreneurWithout individuals who possess such traits, few new businesses would be created.

Write a business or MBA research paper on the Characteristics of an entrepreneur. The creation of a new business requires a level of due-diligence most individuals are not willing engage in. For instance, while a good idea will be enough to get the process started, the successful entrepreneur must engage in hours of research before the business plan can even be formulated. It is not enough to think a new product will be successful, the entrepreneur has to prove this theory before venture capitalists will lend money toward the project. The time and dedication of new business creation prevents most would-be entrepreneurs from ever taking a new idea from start to completion, while others manage to successfully overcome the obstacles and bring new products and services to the marketplace.

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