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Criminal Justice Research Papers on
the Characteristics of a Pedophile

Criminal Justice research papers look at types of crime that are committed in society today and then explain why and who commits these crimes. Pedophilia is a type of sex crime that a student can write a research paper on for a criminal justice class. Paper Masters suggests, if you are going to write a narrow and detailed paper, you should focus your topic on the characteristics of a pedophile in order to cover the psychology and the criminal element of pedophilia.

Many studies have determined that the pedophile is generally shy and lacks assertiveness, a condition that is believed to contribute to his inability to have a mature sexual relationship with adults and leaves him no alternative but to use relationships with children as a substitute . A number of other characteristics have also been found to be common with pedophilia including:

  1. The fear of or aversion to the adult body, especially the pubic hair
  2. The fear of or aversion to heterosexual intercourse
  3. The need for force and domination to achieve sexual arousal
  4. The importance of diminutive size and immaturity of the child to achieve sexual arousal
  5. Narcissism and passivity that depends on the admiration of others, especially children, for sexual arousal
  6. The need for regressive play and fantasy to achieve sexual arousal.
Characteristics of a Pedophile

Pedophile - Mostly Adult Males

A compilation of the characteristics of the pedophile derived from the U.S. Department of Justice is expansive and includes the finding that most pedophiles are adult males who are usually married and work in a wide range of occupations. The pedophile is also better able to relate to children than adults and will socialize with few adults except those who are also pedophiles. Although they are generally nonviolent, pedophiles inherently pursue children for sexual purposes, which separates them from other adult individuals who are interested in children for non-sexual reasons. Pedophiles generally prefer children from a specific age group and, while most target both male and female children, some pedophiles will chose to target only children of the same sex. The pedophile will also frequently target children of the same age of physical development at which he might have been sexually molested as a child.

The Pedophile's Victim

The pedophile will often view the child as the aggressor in the relationship, a perception that is derived from the child’s ability to withhold sexual favors unless his or her demands for gifts toys or trips are met. The pedophile will often rationalizes his behavior with the reasoning that he has a positive impact on the victim and by suppressing any feelings that he has harmed the child. The pedophile will also strive to legitimize his behavior by seeking out publications and organizations that support the same sexual beliefs and practices and will often correspond and exchange child pornography with other pedophiles as proof of his association with such organizations.

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