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Challenges of Knowledge Management Research Papers

Challenges of knowledge management research papers discusses the unique challenges of knowledge management, knowledge transfer, and innovation within the specific context of high-tech research environments.

According to research papers previously investigated by Paper Masters, achieving an optimum balance between pure research and the tangible innovation of new products based on research is the unique challenge facing knowledge managers in a high tech research and development environment. Making a survey of the considerable knowledge management literature, Parikh notes that little research has been undertaken with specific reference to high-tech research and development, which is ironic considering that this is the realm in which innovation most commonly takes place. The author goes on to synthesize current concepts of knowledge management into a workable model for application in this specific context.

Knowledge Management

Challenges of Knowledge Management

Many challenges of knowledge management research papers discuss a novel approach to knowledge management. This research calls for:

  1. Moving away from the rather formal, inflexible models of organizational knowledge transfer that dominate the extant literature on the subject.
  2. Exploit extant social processes as a means of disseminating and transferring knowledge throughout the organizational structure.
  3. Use mentoring and storytelling to convey and relate in knowledge management issues.

Learning Processes and Knowledge

According to the authors, unmediated data can have little meaning or long-term impact upon learning processes, particularly among those new to the organization. In these situations, the authors suggest that pairing conventional forms of knowledge management, particularly those based on technology, can be mediated by social interaction with more experienced mentors, who can render important information in a form of discourse that is more social and less formal as a means of maximizing the significance and success of the knowledge transfer.

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