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The Challenge of Command by Nye

Book report on The Challenge of Command (Reading for Military Excellence) by Roger H. Nye (about 150 pages). Write in Active Voice only. Include the following in the book report:

The Challenge of Command by Nye

1. Synopsis: What is the book The Challenge of Command about? Why did the author write it?

2. Author's conclusion: What does the author conclude in The Challenge of Command about the period or event under study? To what does he/she want you to believe about the person, place or thing under study?

3. Evidence Supporting the Conclusion: Major bodies of evidence offered by the author in The Challenge of Command to support the conclusion. Why should I believe this person?

4. Reviewer's Conclusion: Does the author's evidence and conclusion stand up to professional scrutiny? What is your opinion of the book? Does it sit well with your understanding of the American military past, present or future? Given the author's conclusion and supporting evidence, should the book be taken seriously by military professionals?

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