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Causes of Obesity of Children

Instructions on how to format a research paper on the Causes of Obesity in Children.

Begin your research paper by Choosing a good title. Write about causes of obesity in children. In the introduction, write about how childhood obesity effects physical, social, and psychological aspects.
Literature Review: using subheadings for example, like entertainment media effects, poor eating habits, lack of physical activity and so forth. Then explain about each using references.

Format for Causes of Obesity of Children Research Paper:


Causes of Obesity of ChildrenIdentify the problem you want to investigate, going from general to specific.
• Indicate the significance of the problem, Significance of the problem,data to support significance, Statement of the problem, Usually written in present tense,
Usually author talking with support from literature.
• Develop research questions, hypotheses, or null hypotheses that will be used to investigate the problem.
• What is the significance of your questions, hypotheses or null hypotheses?
• Can you think of any problems that may hinder your work?
• There should be a PURPOSE STATEMENT. Like “ The purpose of this paper is”

LITERATURE REVIEW - Obesity in Children

Use subheadings to divide your lit review into appropriate sections.
• Develop keywords for your literature search.
• What mechanisms do you propose using for your literature search?
• Identify how you will keep a record of the relevant literature you find.
• Develop files for your literature and categorize them in some fashion (topic,
process, study type).
• List key points from the literature that are pertinent to your study.
• Will you have any problems carrying out your literature search?
- Beginning review of literature relevant to topic,
- Arranged systematically,
- Employ subtitles to organize,
- Enough literature to support this proposal,
-no personal opinions
- Minimal book usage, primary literature reported,
- Careful/correct citation/reference format – AMA (American Medical Association)


- Employ subtitles to organize,
- Limitations, constraints, biases, errors, reliability and validity,
- Design employed,
- Statistics employed,
- Usually written in past tense,
• Will you do a quantitative or qualitative study?
• Describe your subjects and sample population.
• How will samples be drawn or assigned (what are the criteria for inclusion or
• exclusion)?
• Describe the design you will use for the study.
• What are your treatment or measurement instruments?
• Identify your independent and dependent variables.
• Identify how you will apply controls to your sample.
• Identify any possible problems with obtaining a sample or carrying out your interventions.
• How will you keep records of your samples, processes, and statistical analyses?
• Will you need to do a pilot study, if so, describe it.
• How will you determine reliability and validity?
• Can you identify any problems with your methods, to include possible limitations,
biases, and threats to validity?
• What statistical analyses will you use?
• Correlate your choice of analyses with the type of data that will be produced.
• How will you carry out the analyses? (For example, which computer program will be used?)
• Who will be your expert consultant for statistical analysis?
• Can you identify any problems with your planned analysis, including limitations of tests?

RESULTS - Childhood Obesity

• How will you report your results?
• Will you use tables, graphs, illustrations, figures and so forth?
• How will you put the tables, graphs, illustrations, and figures together? (Will you
• use a graphic artist, computer program, and so forth?)
• What are the results from similar studies?

• Begin to consider possible:
– Limitations
– Biases
– Threats to validity
• In general, what do you think will be the significance of your results?
• Will the results be applicable to medical practice?
• Answer the hypothesis, goal, purpose of Introduction.


-AMA format American Medical Association -20 references

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