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Canada's Role in the Korean War Research Papers

Canada's role in the Korean War is little known in the United States. Students that must write a history project on the Canadian role in the Korean War may want help from the writer's at Paper Masters to explain the involvement. We suggest you outline your project as follows:

  1. To begin research, students should refer to a history textbook.
    1. Use the Index to find the chapter in which your chosen subject is discussed and refer to the bibliographic essay at the end of that chapter.
    2. Go to the library to research those sources and to find others.
    3. Use your textbook as a reference for basic information or to find other sources
    4. Do not use your textbook as a direct source for the essay.
  2. The ONLY electronic sources that may be used in your research are peer-reviewed sources from an academic e-journal. Therefore:
    1. DO NOT surf the internet to research this paper.
    2. Web sites are NOT acceptable sources.
    3. DO NOT use wikipedia or any other online encyclopedia.
  3. When writing a research paper, you MUST cite your sources when quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing arguments, theories, etc. Use any acceptable method of citation (MLA, Chicago, APA), but you must also include page numbers. Also cite e-journal articles as such.

Attach a properly formatted bibliography to the end of your essay.

Canada's Role in the Korean War

Overview of Korean War:

Like most American wars since the end of World War II, attempting to find one overweening cause behind the Korean War is difficult if not impossible. It is perfectly understandable that the citizens of a nation would desperately desire to find one overriding explanation for why so many of their sons, brothers, and fathers died; it is human nature to seek out a simplistic and easily digestible explanation for the horror of war; one that places all the blame upon the enemy. Even today, most of those who still support the current action in Iraq invariably offer up justifications for it that are distressingly free of complexity. The purpose of this paper is to reveal the folly of such an exercise by taking as an example how the causes of even a conflict as seemingly obvious as the Korean War cannot be easily boiled down. Until the expected revisionism began, the cause of the Korean War was generally regarded as the same by both sides: aggression by others. A closer analysis reveals that elements involving history, ideology, politics and plain human folly all coalesced to create a situation in which a looming cold war suddenly turned very hot and very deadly.


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