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Campbell Interest and Skill Survey

This paper is a Test Critique. The test to critique is the CISS (Campbell Interest and Skill Survey), by Dr. David Campbell. The critique must use the supporting information obtained from at least two professional journal articles and the Buros' Mental Measurement Yearbook. A total of Three references minimum, I want 4 references.

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey

Format of Test Critique

  1. Word-processed, double-spaced
  2. 8 pages
  3. American Psychological Association (APA) writing style for headings, citations and references
  4. You are allowed to use up to four direct quotes, correctly cited.

Structure and Content of Test Critique for Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Research Paper:
This Test Review/Critique contains six sections, including references. Information to be presented in each section is presented below.


  1. Title of the test (including edition and form, if applicable)
  2. Author(s)
  3. Publisher and date(s) of publication
  4. Cost (booklets, answer sheets, other test materials, available scoring services)
  5. Availability of online version


  1. Test Content
    a. construct(s), domain(s) or variable(s) the test measures
    b. unidimensionality or multidimensionality of construct
    c. theoretical and/or empirical foundations of the test
  2. Purpose of Test
    a. purpose and potential uses of test
    b. whom the test is designed for
  3. Test Structure
    a. length of test/number of items
    b. subscales (if applicable)
    c. item format
  4. Test Administration
    a. administration procedures
    b. necessary administrator qualifications and/or training
    c. special testing conditions that must be considered
    d. online administration (if applicable)
  5. Test Scoring
    a. type of scoring or scaling
    b. scoring procedures (including availability of scoring keys and scoring services, if any)
    c. subscale, factor or dimension scores (if applicable)
    d. online scoring (if applicable)


  1. Standardization/Normative Sample
    a. size and demographics of standardization sample
    b. procedures followed in obtaining sample
    c. adequacy of standardization sample
    d. adequacy of norms provided (e.g., availability of subgroup norms, if applicable)
  2. Reliability
    a. evidence of reliability (e.g., test-retest, internal consistency)
    b. adequacy of reliability evidence to support potential uses of the test
  3. Validity
    a. evidence of validity (e.g., content-, criterion-, construct-related)
    b. adequacy of validity evidence to support potential uses of the test


  1. Quality of Test Materials
    a. quality of writing in test materials (including appropriateness of reading level)
    b. quality of graphic design and presentation in test materials
    c. other aspects of materials quality (e.g., durability, attractiveness, etc.)
    B. Ease of Administration, Scoring and Interpretation

  2. a. clarity and comprehensiveness of instructions, directions or guidance provided
    b. amount of time and resources needed to administer, score and interpret test
    c. other practical aspects of administration, scoring and interpretation


  1. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Test
  2. Recommendations
    a. for uses of the test
    b. for revisions or updates
    c. for further study of the test


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